GreenRoots is a resident-led, grassroots, community-based organization with 30 years of experience in achieving significant environmental justice accomplishments and public health victories in Chelsea, East Boston, and the Greater Boston region.


When we fight, we WIN!

An infographic detailing GreenRoots’ victories from 1994 to 2024.

Photos by Marilyn Humphries, Joe Prezioso, David Mussina, and Matt Frank - *Click on the Image to Enlarge it

Your support is crucial in ensuring our work continues

For 30 years, GreenRoots has restored acres of urban salt marsh, created new parks, increased public access to the waterfront and improved the water quality of Chelsea Creek.

Our organizing model is rooted in base-building and community, and your help makes us a stronger force. A contribution to GreenRoots means an investment in the futures of Chelsea and East Boston!

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Two GreenRoots staff and three community leaders handing out food during the COVID-19 pandemic.