GreenRoots is a member-driven, grassroots organization. Our work and accomplishments are only possible with the direction, commitment, and passion of our members. Join us in the fight for environmental and climate justice in Chelsea and East Boston!

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Smiling woman and man wearing casual attire at GreenRoots' annual fundraiser.

I am very passionate about justice work in general. I have spent the last 10 years volunteering at several mutual aid initiatives in Chelsea. I believe in the sacredness of humanity and that GreenRoots upholds this belief.

Grace Muwina

Membership Benefits

  • Influence and shape GreenRoots’ work to address climate justice, environmental justice, waterfront access, youth empowerment, health equity, open space, transit justice, food justice, anti-displacement and land sovereignty, and energy democracy!
  • Be part of a large and diverse collective of Chelsea and East Boston activists working for environmental justice and improved public health.
  • Attend and participate in GreenRoots events and gatherings. 
  • Utilize GreenRoots gathering spaces, if available.

Membership Criteria

  • Agree and commit to carrying out GreenRoots’ mission and vision. 
  • Attend at least three (3) GreenRoots events in a year,  become a Sustainer Circle member or volunteer for GreenRoots! 
  • Be a  resident of Chelsea, East Boston, another environmental justice community or participate in at least five (5) GreenRoots events in a year and pay a modest membership fee.

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Your support is crucial in ensuring our work continues.

For 30 years, GreenRoots has restored acres of urban salt marsh, created new parks, increased public access to the waterfront and improved the water quality of Chelsea Creek.

Our organizing model is rooted in base-building and community, and your help makes us a stronger force. A contribution to GreenRoots means an investment in the futures of Chelsea and East Boston!

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