GreenRoots leads projects and campaigns to combat and prepare for climate change; realizes strategies to reduce the impacts of urban heat islands; implements green infrastructure and nature-based solutions to reduce flooding; engages with stakeholders to tackle climate justice assaults

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As an elder I am quite deliberate in how I choose to use my energy. It is important that it goes toward the REAL possibility for change in this beautiful and broken world.  GreenRoots is one place in which I have the confidence that any work I do will move justice forward. I am committed to the genuine commitment of GreenRoots.

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  • Chelsea residents sitting in the newly created green space at 212 Congress Ave, Chelsea, MA.

    "Cool Block" Project

    The “Cool Block” Initiative implements a block-wide approach to addressing urban heat island impacts through significant street tree planting and maintenance; transformation of, with deep and meaningful community engagement, a vacant parcel of land into a new, green space; implementation of a white roof on the Boys and Girls Club; and other heat reflective strategies. 

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    C-HEAT Initiative

    To better understand the impacts of physical and perceived impacts of increased heat-island effect on residents in Chelsea and East Boston, we are implementing the C-HEAT Initiative with the Boston University School of Public Health and other partners including the Wicked Hot Mystic with the Mystic River Watershed Association.

  • Community leaders, Chelsea Department of Public Works and GreenRoots staff planting a tree and holding a sign that reads "TREE CITY USA Arbor Day Foundation" during Earth Day 2023.

    Tree Planting

    Planting and advocating for the planting of over 2,000 trees in Chelsea, and helping the City to receive formal status as a Tree City USA.

  • Facilitating gathering feedback from residents on new city projects and open spaces

    Climate Resiliency

    GreenRoots works to plan, design and implement major climate resilience measures to address serious flooding throughout our neighborhoods and along our waterfront.

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    Community Art and Climate Change

    In partnership with Artist-in-Residence Erin Genia, GreenRoots is creating a community mural to engage residents with climate change, set for completion by summer 2024. Funded by the Island End River (IER) Flood Resilience project, this initiative is a collaboration between Everett and Chelsea. 

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    GreenRoots holds businesses accountable for climate, environmental, health and quality of life infractions in our neighborhoods.

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    Bianca Navarro-Bowman

    Climate Justice Manager

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    Bianca Navarro-Bowman (she, her, hers / they, them theirs)

    Bianca is passionate about building community knowledge, power, and leadership to combat the unequal effects of climate change. At GreenRoots, she leads and supports projects that focus on centering resident perspectives in advancing community climate resilience and adaptation. Bianca works with community members and coworkers to improve the ability of EJ populations to safely navigate increasing summer heat temperatures, flood impacts, and decarbonization efforts that threaten to leave low- and middle-income folks and people of color behind in the clean energy transition. She has been working with GreenRoots since 2021 and loves Chelsea, East Boston, and the incredible residents and organizations she gets to collaborate with.

    She is originally from the Washington, DC area and graduated from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She studied Environmental Science & Policy and English Literature, and also has a background in community-based citizen science research, environmental field work and forest fire management work. Bianca loves taking trips to the mountains, eating, reading, and attending music and arts events throughout the Boston area.

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    Jacqueline Segovia

    Climate Justice Fellow

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    Jacqueline Segovia (she, her, hers / they, them. theirs)

    Jacq grew up in rural El Salvador, which fostered her environmental passion from a very young age. She lived in Chelsea for three years, where she developed a strong connection with the city. She is an Advertising student at Boston University and she would like to pursue a career in Environmental Communications. Jacq enjoys having conversations about the importance of our relationship to the environment; she plans to use her degree to emphasize and facilitate the connection between media and environmental knowledge. Her interests include ecological restoration, food waste, sustainability and climate justice.

    In her free time she enjoys reading, making crafts, learning about insects and identifying them on her nature walks.

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    Vela Velazquez

    Climate Justice Fellow

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    Vela Velazquez (they, them, theirs)

    Vela hails from Miami, Florida, but moved to Boston in 2021 to become an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are majoring in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science with a concentration in Environmental Systems, and minoring in Urban Studies and Planning. At GreenRoots, Vela serves as a Climate Justice Fellow, contributing to projects that aim to empower communities in navigating the challenges posed by climate change and environmental injustices. Their work focuses on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and fostering resilience in the face of environmental disparities. Beyond their work in climate justice, Vela is a fervent advocate for transgender and queer rights, reflecting a holistic commitment to justice and equality. They believe that diversity and inclusivity will continue to play pivotal roles in combating climate change.

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    John Walkey

    Director of Climate Justice & Waterfront Initiatives

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    John Walkey (he, him, his)

    John is an East Boston resident who has been a committed advocate for environmental justice and immigrant rights in his neighborhood for the past twenty years. Starting in 2017, John has led GreenRoots’ work in East Boston and along the waterfront of the Chelsea Creek. John worked for a decade in hazard risk assessment and mitigation, and natural resource management in Central America and the Caribbean for NGOs, the US government, and the United Nations. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Archaeological Sciences from Boston University and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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