GreenRoots works to improve the quantity and quality of open, green spaces, provides greater recreational opportunities for residents, and engages in aggressive tree planting to increase tree canopy cover throughout our community. We also advance placemaking projects when led by and for the community and in an effort to foster greater social connectivity!

Two women planting flowers in a garden planter.

Chelsea residents do not have equal access to open, green, or recreational spaces as other communities do. Only 3% of Chelsea’s land is dedicated to parks and recreation, whereas the national median is 15%.

The Trust for Public Land. (n.d.) Chelsea, Massachusetts. Retrieved from

  • Two youth and a woman planting flowers in a garden planter in a newly converted park, there is a bouncy house in the background.

    Increase Open Green Space

    Advocating for and leading efforts to create new parks, renovate old parks, and increase open green space.

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    Transformed Abandoned Lots

    Transformed an abandoned lot into a highly utilized park and community garden at Judie Dyer Park and Anita’s Place Youth Garden.

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    Park Renovations

    Renovated playgrounds, including Dever Park and Bosson Park. Designed, fundraiser, and oversaw the construction of Creekside Commons Park.

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    Tree Cover

    Planted and advocated for the planting of thousands of street trees.

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    Murals & Art

    Led the community revitalization and mural painting of the Chelsea Walk.

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    Bianca Navarro-Bowman

    Climate Justice Manager

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    Bianca Navarro-Bowman (she, her, hers / they, them theirs)

    Bianca is passionate about building community knowledge, power, and leadership to combat the unequal effects of climate change. At GreenRoots, she leads and supports projects that focus on centering resident perspectives in advancing community climate resilience and adaptation. Bianca works with community members and coworkers to improve the ability of EJ populations to safely navigate increasing summer heat temperatures, flood impacts, and decarbonization efforts that threaten to leave low- and middle-income folks and people of color behind in the clean energy transition. She has been working with GreenRoots since 2021 and loves Chelsea, East Boston, and the incredible residents and organizations she gets to collaborate with.

    She is originally from the Washington, DC area and graduated from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She studied Environmental Science & Policy and English Literature, and also has a background in community-based citizen science research, environmental field work and forest fire management work. Bianca loves taking trips to the mountains, eating, reading, and attending music and arts events throughout the Boston area.

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    Noemy Rodriguez

    Waterfront Initiative Organizer

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    Noemy Rodriguez (she, her, hers)

    Noemy is Salvadoreña. She graduated high school in El Salvador and completed two years in the University Panamerican of El Salvador. In 2013, Noemy moved to East Boston for a better quality of life and easy access to the MBTA. When living in East Boston, Noemy faced eviction with three of her young sons which is when she got heavily involved with organizing around displacement with City Life / Vida Urbana as a community member. Since then, she’s organized East Boston residents facing similar struggles. Noemy is a dynamic leader who is widely recognized for her perseverance, ability to organize and her constant positivity. She has participated in various public forums, presentations and community events.

    In her free time. She enjoys inviting people to join the movement, la lucha, for a better life free of forced displacement, free from depression, and for environmental justice to ensure clean air for all families in her neighborhood of East Boston.

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    John Walkey

    Director of Climate Justice & Waterfront Initiatives

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    John Walkey (he, him, his)

    John is an East Boston resident who has been a committed advocate for environmental justice and immigrant rights in his neighborhood for the past twenty years. Starting in 2017, John has led GreenRoots’ work in East Boston and along the waterfront of the Chelsea Creek. John worked for a decade in hazard risk assessment and mitigation, and natural resource management in Central America and the Caribbean for NGOs, the US government, and the United Nations. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Archaeological Sciences from Boston University and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Program Events

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  • A Phoenix Rises

    • In the News

    Chelsea, plagued by pollutants from Logan Airport and hazardous waterfront storage, faces severe environmental injustices affecting its largely immigrant, low-income population. GreenRoots, a local organization, combats these issues through community involvement, legal action, and advocacy, achieving successes like stopping a diesel power plant near a school and creating green spaces.

  • Chelsea Receives State MVP Grants

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    Governor Maura Healey announces $31.5 million in Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grants in FY2024, which include nearly $5.7 million in funding for community-designed projects in cities and towns, including Chelsea, MA.

  • In Chelsea, cooling an urban heat island one block at a time

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    A city block just behind the industrial waterfront in Chelsea is typical for urban heat islands across the U.S. Nearly every foot is covered by a roof or pavement. 


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For 30 years, GreenRoots has restored acres of urban salt marsh, created new parks, increased public access to the waterfront and improved the water quality of Chelsea Creek.

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A man and two kids planting flowers with a bouncy house in the back at Blooming Park.