GreenRoots knows youth empowerment is critical to achieving lasting change. Our Environmental Chelsea Organizers (ECO) youth crew and Urban Farm Crew (UFC) are teams of youth that implement environmental justice campaigns, build community power, foster greater youth engagement and connection; and empower fellow youth to become leaders.

Building youth leadership and empowerment

Five ECO staff at a school hallway.
GreenRoots staff and ECO team at Zumix radio station.
Two ECO crew and GreenRoots staff during ECO’s Bike Rodeo.

The ECO youth crew is a team of 7 youth, 14-18 years old, who work 10-15 hours after school and 20+ hours in summer and during vacations. ECO engages in youth-led environmental justice campaigns and builds community, power, and connection with local youth networks!

Learn more about ECO's work below!

  • A colorful mural with the words "resilience" interpreted in different languages behind a group of about 20 Chelsea youth, elected officials and community members.

    Community Murals

    ECO designs and paints murals throughout Chelsea including along storm drains to prevent pollution from entering the Chelsea Creek.

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    Monitoring Water Quality

    ECO collaborates with academic partners to understand and share, through a data visualization project, the water quality violations of seven oil terminals along the Chelsea Creek.

  • A group photo of about 20 diverse youth wearing brown t-shirts and taking a group photo.

    Studying Heat Islands

    ECO monitors and map out impacts of heat island impacts in Chelsea.

  • Youth marching with a white banner with the GreenRoots' logo and a red flag at a rally.

    Youth Leadership

    Organizing youth summits, youth meetings, and community events throughout Chelsea.

Smiling young Latinx woman wearing a black top and a beige cardigan against a gray background.

GreenRoots has been the catalyst for my passion for community work! From my early days in ECO as a youth worker to initiatives like the MBTA Youth Pass, One Chelsea Fund, and health equity, it shaped my commitment to creating change. The dedication to community service instilled by GreenRoots has guided my work, extending beyond the organization. I am eternally grateful for GreenRoots' support and the solid foundation it provided me that not only shaped my professional journey but also empowered me to lead within my community. 

Adela Gonzalez

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Andie Fisher

Youth Programs Organizer

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Andie Fisher (she, her, hers)

Andie grew up in Tennessee and was previously a public school teacher and foster care advocate before joining the GreenRoots team as our Youth Programs Organizer. She is passionate about the intersections of climate justice and social justice and advocating for youth autonomy and leadership. 

Andie is also a musician and urban walking enthusiast. 

ECO Crew

  • Smiling teenage girl wearing glasses and a navy blue sweater against a white wall.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Arianna (she, her, hers)

    I joined ECO because I wanted to continue in my parents footsteps and become an active member in the Chelsea community to help lift up the voices and try to find solutions for a city that has been environmentally burdened by climate change.

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    ECO Crew Member

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    Darien (he, him, his)

    I originally joined ECO because my family is full of activists and I was raised to be strong at that. While I still continue to go down this journey of advocacy, my choice for being in ECO has changed. I see and learn more and more everyday and grow closer to everyone in this community and I start to want to help change Chelsea for the people rather than for advocacy. I enjoy being in ECO because of all the experiences it has given me to push me into a path of any direction. I enjoy the people I work with and we’ve grown close like a family as we strive towards the same goal.

  • Smiling teenage girl wearing glasses and a dark green sweater against a white background.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Emely (she, her, hers)

    I was interested in working for ECO because of the amazing opportunities that would not only be offered to me but that I would be able to offer other youth. It gave me a chance to work with fellow youth in a familiar space and help my community at the same time. I enjoy giving youth a voice in bigger and more powerful spaces and allowing them to have a place to be outdoors and active. I like being in ECO because it allows me to work with peers of mine and be in a community I’ve grown up in.

  • Teenage boy wearing a dark gray sweater standing against a white wall.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Greandoll (he, him, his)

    I joined ECO because I wanted to make a change in my life and a change in my community. I am interested in lower housing prices and in getting the youth in the community more involved in physical activity, going out more and being in touch with their community. I like the community in ECO. I enjoy creating events for the youth here in Chelsea and getting to do opportunities.

  • Youth smiling against a white background.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Johanna (she, her, hers)

    I joined ECO to further my education and at the same time help my community. Some topics that are important to me are unity in the world, having enough youth spaces, and how the future will look. In ECO I get to enjoy working with people I built a great connection with, be given amazing opportunities for my future, and meet different organizations around the area.

  • Smiling teenage boy wearing glasses, a gray shirt and black hoodie against a white wall.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Servelio (he, him, his)

    I joined GreenRoots as a part of a youth group called ECO to be more involved with the community of Chelsea and to help out. Some things that are important to me that play a big role are the care for green spaces, music and family. I enjoy being a part of ECO because it’s a great opportunity to connect and socialize with the community and with other members of GreenRoots.

  • Smiling black teenage boy wearing a navy hoodie against a white wall.


    ECO Crew Member

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    Troy (he, him, his)

Program Events

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  • This Chelsea teen is organizing her peers for a greener future

    • In the News

    Throughout Earth Month, weekly conversations with Greater Boston residents focused on enhancing regional resilience against climate change are featured. Arianna, a member of various youth climate organizations including Gov. Maura Healey's Youth Climate Council and Environmental Chelsea Organizers, discusses her efforts in mobilizing fellow young individuals in Chelsea around climate issues and her advocacy for climate justice on Beacon Hill.

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Six teenagers and one young adult in a radio station talking through microphones.